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The start of a group to discuss promotion of the research into regeneration of damaged spinal cords and improvement of the quality of life (QOL) of spinal cord- injured persons.

19October First preliminary meeting for the establishment of the Japan Spinal Cord Foundation (JSCF)


Lecture by Mr Michael Winter (Associate Administrator for Budget and Policy at the US Federal Transit) in Tokyo

June Inaugural general meeting of JSCF Medical Science Lecture No 1 "Sexuality of Spinal Cord Injured Persons"

Participation in the Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Medical Society of Paraplegia held in Denmark by a JSCF executive

Visit to the USA by two JSCF executives for cooperation with the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation and the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)

October Launch event "Stand Up 21" (supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Edogawa Ward) Medical Science Lecture No 2 "Nerve Reconstruction of Spinal Cords

Aiming at the Liberation from Wheelchairsby Professor Saburo Kawaguchi, Kyoto University

NPO status recognised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Publication and distribution of A Collection of Research on Spinal Cord Injury in the USA (Japanese translation), Liberation from Wheelchairs

Stand Up 21 Reports and Sexuality of Spinal Cord Injured Persons

Reports from the Medical Science Lecture No 1 (10,000 copies each, provided free of charge)

Launch of the service providing medical science papers (Journal of the Japan Medical Society of Paraplegia)

Fact-finding research into the care situation for persons with high-cervical injuries at home (with US$ 30,000 funded by the Welfare and Medial Service, an auxiliary body of MOHW)

August Research into the admission status of the spinal cord injured persons at hospitals across Japan (with US$ 15,000 funded by the Japan Philanthropic Association)

Launch of the telephone help line SCI Hotline "Sekison 110" (with US$ 8,000 funded by The Nippon Foundation)

Publication of Survival Mail of a Breathing Machine (Respirator) User (with US$ 15,000 funded by the Marubeni Foundation)


Publication and distribution of the Research Report on the Care Situation for Persons with High-cervical Injuries at Home, and Research Report on the Admission Status of Spinal Cord Injured Persons at Hospitals Across Japan (10,000 copies each, provided free of charge)

Lecture by Mr Walt Lawrence (a breathing machine user from Canada) at forums in Kyoto and Tokyo: Towards the Self-support of Breathing Machine Users

July Forums in Tokyo and Fukuoka with Professor Stanley Ducharme from the School of Medicine, Boston University, as speaker: Sexuality of the Disabled (with US$ 15,000 funded by the Pfizer Health Research Foundation)