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The message from EPVA

Dear Messrs. Ohama and Hirose JSCF:


"On behalf of the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association and the Paralyzed

Veterans of America, I would like to send our best wishes to you as you

celebrate the beginning of the Japan Spinal Cord Foundation."


Your dedication to the mission of solving the problems of Japan's Spinal

Cord Injury population was quite evident during our meetings in New York.

While there certainly has been a great deal of progress in the living

environment for Spinal Cord Injured individuals in the 50 plus years that

our organization has been in existence, we all know that there is still much

work to be done. We are excited that your foundation is taking on the task

in Japan.


Once again, we wish you much success in your endeavors. I also hope that we

can keep the lines of communication open and we offer you staff advice and

assistance when ever we can.



                     Gerald M. Kelly

           Deputy of Executive Director

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