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1999 12/30 UP

@JSCF GifAnim by shibata
Welcome to Japan Spinal Cord Foundation

News paper articles related JSCF.
(The Japan Times.Thursday ,April 8,1999)
Chemical may help nerve grow together.
(THE DAILY YOMIURI .April 2.1999)

This home page is sponsored by The Nihon Shakai Fukushi Kousaikai
Foundation's suport work 1998.@
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šThe objective is:
To fund research which will lead to a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury
To encourage and support the spinal cord injured š


Picture@by@HirataJSCF outline

Spinal Cord injury Person in Japan Today@

Activities have already begun !!

Contact Details

Recent activities

Street campaign

Our visit to USA

The message from EPVA

The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

@The message from Christopher Reeve


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Japan Spinal Cord Foundation