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You can't be indifferent!

We founded "The Japan Spinal Cord Foundation " for the following reasons. Annually 5,000 peoples

are paralyzed through spinal chord injuries. About half of these are injured in traffic accidents "They are

very unfortunate because a nervous life center of their body is traumatically damaged." It could happen

to you tomorrow, anytime.



It is our sincere wish to launch the "Japan Spinal Cord Foundation" at the beginning of the 21st

century. However the plan is so big and comprehensive, especially since most of the members who are

working on the realization of this project are seriously injured. We need the financial support and

patronage of as many people as possible to start this foundation. Therefore, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

You can help us by joining our activities, giving your knowledge, or sending us your donation.


Activities have already begun

We are now putting emphasis on the campaign activities of JSCF, in order to let people know about

our plans and activities. We are offering information about JSCF through various sources. When a

person is hospitalized as a patient after a spinal cord injury, he is frequently told by the doctor that

spinal cord injury is not curable, rehabilitation is not so useful, decubitas (bedsore) will always remain

a constant threat, and an early discharge from the hospital is recommended. Hearing this is devastating.

This is when we come in and be your helpful supporters. . We will be able to give you various kinds

of information and advise concerning your problems.

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