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◆E-Mail from JSCF(Japan Spinal Cord Foundation)

to APA(American Paralysis Association)◆

Subject :We would like to visit APA(before come spring)


Dear APA members,

This is our first e-mail to you and we are happy to do so.

We are a group of Japanese women and men working toward

establishing the "Japan Spinal Cord Foundation".

Our objectives are:

1) To fund medical research activities which will lead to a cure for

paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

2) To encourage and support the spinal cord injured and also provide

useful information to them

3) To spread awareness of the dangers of spinal cord injury in daily


Our important points are:- to establish funds as soon as possible in order to

realize researchof spinal cord injury repair- to encourage not only the members

of our group but also other

handicapped people and seriously sick patients


In our country-unfortunately- the environmental situation of the spinal

cord injured person is far below the quality in your country. Only after

an accident a family is confronted with the seriousness of the injury and

immediate appropriate medical care is imperative also to the respiratory


Therefore we would like to visit APA and would like to learn more about the

following items

which would help us in our work.

1) The care flow provided to the spinal cord injured from the

beginning (time of onset of injury) to complete social rehabilitation

2) The roll of APA

3) The evaluation of APA by the American society

4) Your way of managing the Association

5) How do you proceed with your fundraising activities

6) Further details of your Association you could share with us

7) Others


We will be very grateful if you could assist us and accept our visit in the



With best wishes I remain ,


Sincerely yours


Makoto Ohama

Chairperson of JSCF(P)

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