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The VCR tape message from Christopher Reeve

Hi! I'm Christopher Reeve and I've injured my spinal cord in an

equestrian competition back in 1995.


The spinal cord injuries effect not only the person who is injured

but also their families and friends.


And the economic and emotional burdens are enormous.


There are more than 300.000 individuals who are spinal cord

injured in America and Japan.


Most are injured in traffic accidents or sports accidents and

most who are injured are young males in the prime of their lives.


And the costs associated with spinal cord injury are astronomical.

First year expenses average $198.000- and over one's life time

average costs can reach as high as $1.350.00- . So obvious it's certainly

more economical to invest in prevention,

an effective treatment and cure.


And all of you in Japan who are spinal cord injured and dear families,

I say "Don't give up". Think what you can do to help funding research

because we know now they can repair the damaged spinal cord.


It is no longer a dream.


The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation has invested more than

$17.000.000- in research projects and a cure in paralysis.


Until several years ago, it was thought that damage to the spinal cord

was irreversible, but today we have to prove this wrong.


Our foundation also supports the many states here in this country

that are creating spinal cord research trust funds, toward dollars

raised on a surcharge on motor vehicle violations.


These trust funds are great to car pool research dollars and

help fund research programs through out the united states.


In 1999, the Swiss neurology scientist Martin Schwab discovered

two protein modules which prevent the regeneration of damaged nerves

in the spinal cord of mammals.


Until this significant discovery, It was believed that the lack of

growth factors prevent regeneration in the cord, and Dr.Schwab

developed an antibody called IN-1 to block these inhibitory

proteins and he succeeded in promoting regeneration in an animal

model spinal cord injury.


Now with sufficient research funds, Schwab therapy will be tested in human

beings in near future.

We're closer than ever before.


To funding effective treatments and a cure of the spinal cord injury,

please consider lending your support for this most worthy cause

and I know we'll continue to maintain our close relationship

with the Japan Spinal Cord Foundation.


And with the Japan Spinal Cord Foundation, we promise

to make every effort to achieve our goal.


Thank you

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