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Members of the party:

Makoto Ohama Chairperson of JSCF 

Tamio Hirose Executive Director

with two assistants)

 From June 28th until July 4th



1、Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

500 Morris Av. Springfield NJ 07081

tel 800-225-0292


2, Maunt Sinai Medical Center

5 East 98th St. BOX 1240B


3, Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association

75-20 Astoria Blv. Jackson Heights NY





To meet with the disable groups in USA and to build

a network of information between USA and Japan.



★ Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

From left to right Ms. Ohama, Ms. Howley, Mr. Ohama, Mr. Stoller, Mr.Hirose,Ms. Hirose


interview with:

Mr. Mitchell R Stoller President & CEO

Ms. Susan P. Howley Executive Vice President and Director of Research


We have reached the agreement of mutual cooperation and exchange of related information with CRPF.



★ Mount Sainai Medical Center 

From left to right: Mr. Hirose, Dr.Stein, Professor Gordon, Mr.Ohama


interviews with:

Professor Kristjan T. Regnarsson MD

Chairman of Dep. of Rehab.Medicine

Mount Sinai Medical Center


Professor Wayne a. Gordon Ph.D.

Associate Director

Dep. of Rehab. Medicine


Dr. Adam B. Stein M.D.


Cooperative medical information support will be provided to JSCF.




★ Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association

From left to right: Mr.Hirose, Mr.Kelly, Mr.Ohama. Mr.Bianco


interview with:

Mr. Angelo Bianco

Chairman of EPVA


Mr. Gerald M. Kelly

Deputy of Executive Director


Mr. James .J. Peters

Executive Director


Mr. Donald R. Thomas


Special Projects


Set up the network of exchange information and mutual cooperation.


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